Terms & Policies

Greetings Sir/ Ma’am

We refreshed certain policies of our organization. Please make a point to peruse completely.

General Terms & Info

Presently our group includes 7 People With jobs and new assignments.

  • Graphic Designer.
  • Full Time Photographer.
  • Creative Video Director.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Printing Solutions.
  • Web Designers.

Digital Branding Terms

  • Please audit a new branding service copy from us for the Year 2022 Before December 31St.
  • Now services that are excluded in the list will be charged accordingly without any flattering.

Payment Terms –

  • Because of the postponed payment from the customers, we changed the Service to Prepaid.
  • 3, 6, 12 Months Packages available.

How does it work?
Our prepaid strategies work much the same as phone prepaid plans. Pay first and get digital marking.

We will advise you 5 days consistently before the installment days through Khatabook Automated SMS and Through WhatsApp Message.

Payment should be done with a time period of 1 week. In case of delayed payment more than a week, all the services will be put on hold without hesitation with a Notification SMS and WhatsApp Message.

Payment Terms

  • Payment under ₹ 50,000 is excluded of GST
  • Payment Above ₹ 50,000 are Taxed with 18% GST or IGST

Working Terms

  • Any work which is not related to the organization will be billed With out hesitation.
  • Any services which are requested will be charged accordingly.
  • We claim all authorities to show the completed task for special purposes.
  • In case if any pictures or substance is approached to duplicate from web source, We don’t assume the fault over copyright issues.

Important Notice

Please refresh your service copy before December 31st 2021. For More Information Contacts us or call us.

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